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Ulf Bitterlich Art sale

The family of long time Ryder Lake resident Ulf Bitterlich has donated his collection of art for sale at the Ramble as a fundraiser towards a new roof for the Ryder Lake Hall.     


Ulf was a prodigious artist who worked in many mediums and his work was exhibited at local and European galleries.  The 100 or so pieces of his artwork have been organized and photographed by the Ryder Lake Women's Institute and will be on display in the Ryder Lake Hall during the Ramble and priced at $5, $10 or $20.   Click on an image to see enlarged version in a slideshow..


Ulf Bitterlich was a remarkable man.   He was a mountaineer, and in 1956 he and his brother became the first Canadians to climb Mt. Waddington, the highest peak in BC. He was a guide and rescuer, receiving a silver medal for bravery after a daring night rescue of a man who had fallen and broken many bones while investigating a plane crash on Mt. Arrowsmith. Ulf’s only companion was a 16 year old who was injured in the climb.

In addition he was a horticulturalist, responsible for many trees being planted during his time at Borden Creek Nursery, and the grower of exotic plants.  He was a lifelong student who took courses at SFU well into his 70s.  He travelled and lived in Mexico and Central America, often acquainting himself with Indigenous cultures. He lived in Haida Gwaii where he and his brother even have a road named after them.  Ulf and Felicia were married in December of 1960 and bought their home in Ryder Lake. Ulf died in 2021 and Felicia in 2023.

Floral paintings
Indigenous theme
Human form studies