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About the Ramble

The very first Ryder Lake Ramble was held in June 1998.  The City of Chilliwack had been considering developing the Ryder Lake area.  However, residents protested, raised funds through the Ramble, and managed to get the proposals shelved. 

Take a look at past slideshows - the venues vary each year!

2019 Ramble slideshow

The 2019 Ryder Lake Ramble "Earth to Art" was organized by a private group of Ryder Lake residents and funds received were put towards a bench at the Hall in recognition of the contribution of Henry and Molly Pauls to past Ryder Lake Rambles. 







Bench install.jpg

Molly's artwork was featured on most of the Ramble posters and brochures, and Henry's spectacular iris and flower gardens were a longtime fixture of the Ramble.

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